Our program was used by such famous players as Dinara SAFINA, Evgenia KULIKOVSKAYA, Mikhail KUKUSHKIN, Konstantin KRAVCHUK, Alexander KUDRYAVTSEV, Roman SAFIULLIN and others.

So, do YOU want to get rid of the shortcomings that prevent you from improving the game? Are you interested in "weighing" tennis qualities such as ball sense, racquet sense, tennis ambition, game mindset, style aptitude, stability limit that seem to be beyond quantification? Do you dream to find the path to sports success? Do you require a reliable prediction of the prospect of improvement in tennis? Do you want to see your future game just now?


bril tennis online

The program was developed by Prof. Mikhail Bril (1935 - 2024). He was a Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, a consultant to a number of well-known players and coaches, a famous expert in sports pedagogy and psychology, a founder of the Bril Tennis Academy in Prague. He had great experience in practical work with professional tennis players. Prof. Mikhail Bril is the author of books and articles on tennis, including the first methodological manual for the selection of talented tennis players. In 1996, Prof. Mikhail Bril received a patent for the Tennis Talent Test program, proving its high reliability.

    The program allows:
  • - To evaluate the level of development of tennis qualities and tennis talent in general,
  • - To determine the main success factors in tennis: speed, rationality, accuracy, consistency, reliability and learnability,
  • - To analyze the structure of tennis qualities and the individual characteristics of their development and compensation,
  • - To answer the question about the expediency of investing in professional tennis training,
  • - To work out a strategy for the effective development of tennis qualities and sports improvement.


Tennis Talent Test is a computer program consisting of 10 game-type tests. It is intended for adults and children over 6 years of age. After an exciting competition with a computer lasting 40-60 minutes, the results are presented in the form of evaluation tables, graphs and texts containing a multilateral analysis of individual characteristics, an assessment of potential opportunities, a strategy for developing tennis qualities and practical recommendations. Download the Tennis Talent Test program and take the tests. After making a payment 199 EUR, you will receive a set of analytical information and recommendations.

    What will you get by taking the Tennis Talent Test?
  • Your preferred game style,
  • The level of development of your tennis qualities and abilities,
  • The harmony of the structure of your tennis abilities,
  • The main factors of your success in tennis,
  • A strategy for developing and compensating your tennis abilities and practical recommendations.

Based on your results, we will be able to offer you A PROGRAM FOR DEVELOPING YOUR TENNIS ABILITIES. It will include a set of special exercises. The program will allow you to "pump" such important tennis abilities as concentration of attention, ball sense, racquet sense, game intelligence, etc. After just a few classes, you will reduce the number of unforced errors, be able to concentrate at the crucial moments of the match, build correct tactical combinations, and react faster to the ball.


Download the Tennis Talent Test, version 2.0 program. System requirements: OS Windows, mouse, Internet.


Tatiana Ivanova Tatiana Ivanova

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your high professionalism, patience and kindness. Thanks to you, we have come to the solution of a very difficult task - to enjoy the difficult sports work. Everything that you unobtrusively, but every day and every minute put into the head, hands, feet and, I hope, in the heart of my young athlete will remain with us and give good sprouts in the future. Prof. Mikhail Bril, one of the best sports psychologists, will always find not only the right word, but also the right intonation at the right moment.

Sergey Gundarov Sergey Gundarov

Great and very interesting program. We implement your recommendations, and my son began to enjoy the sport. I am sure that by following your recommendations, we will improve the result for the better. For our coach, the situation is also extremely positive.

Victor Yanchuk Victor Yanchuk

Prof. Mikhail Bril is a famous specialist in the field of theory and practice of tennis. His Tennis Talent Test method, based on the analysis of the individual structure of tennis abilities, helps coaches and players to move faster to sports success. It can be effectively used by both young and experienced players.

Marina Jagiello Marina Jagiello

I express my gratitude to Prof. Mikhail Bril for scientific and methodological assistance in the process of training tennis players. Thanks to his Tennis Talent Test method, I move my players in the right direction, avoiding many common mistakes. This unique invention has helped me prepare a number of qualified athletes, including the world junior vice-champion.

Frants Nunikyan Frants Nunikyan

I have been a tennis coach for over 30 years and have educated quite a few masters. When one of the first I got acquainted with the Tennis Talent Test method, I realized that it simply opens the eyes to the characteristics of the player and makes it possible to save training from wasting time. No pedagogical experience can be compared with the information that you get from its results. The direct path to perfection immediately becomes clear. And then it all depends on the talent of the player and the skill of the coach. My students begin and continue training based on this method. I advise everyone to take it into service and forget once and for all any doubts.

Yulia Volynskaya Yulia Volynskaya

As a coach and psychologist, I want to express my deep gratitude to Prof. Mikhail Bril for introducing such a unique diagnostic and prognostic method as the Tennis Talent Test into sports psychology! Undoubtedly, testing according to this method can serve as an excellent help in the work of coaches and sports psychologists, since it allows you to get generalized, systematized information about the main tennis qualities and psychological characteristics of a player. All the studied parameters together represent a general model of a tennis player, and the more holistic and harmonious this model is, the more chances a player has to achieve high sports results. It is especially valuable that at the end of testing, the coaching team receives not only the "dry" balance in the form of levels and coefficients, but also detailed recommendations. Taking them into account, the coach can correct the athlete's training in time, give it the necessary vector, and thereby bring his ward to the desired result in the shortest possible way. You must admit that time in sports is an important factor! The Tennis Talent Test allows coaches to move from "trial and error" to focused work to eliminate weaknesses. And this is a completely different level of work, truly professional!

Elena Vorobyova Elena Vorobyova

Thanks to your recommendations, Tanya received useful knowledge for further sports development and gaining more self-confidence.